Upcoming Events

May 19

May Crowning (Class Day)

11:15 Early Dismissal 

May 22-25

8th Grade Class Trip to Washington

May 26


May 29


May 30-31

6th Grade Class Trip to Camp Weona 



Welcome to the new Teacher Pages Site.  Each teacher has a general overview of what subjects they teach and upcoming events and happenings in their classroom.  Here is where you will find the weekly information that was once found under the Classroom News section.  We are hoping to make things easier for you to find the weekly information.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office.  We will be happy to help you in any way.

Mrs. Karen Colosi          Calendar          Pre-K Teacher              Room 210          

Mrs. Vicky Petricca        Calendar          Pre-K Teacher             Room 211          

Mrs. Dianne DiaPaul       Calendar        Pre-K Teacher             Room 213          

Mrs. Colleen Provino       Calendar       Kindergarten Teacher      Room 100        

Mrs. Julie Couch               Calendar       Kindergarten Teacher       Room 101        

Miss Allie Schnackel   Summer Math Classes     First Grade Teacher   Room 102

Mrs. Jody Reeser      Reader of the Day      First Grade Teacher    Room 104

Summer Math Classes 

Mrs. Sharon Kensy    Summer Math Classes     Second Grade Teacher    Room 106

Trip to Police Station 

Mrs. Kari Wendell     Reader of the Day     Second Grade Teacher    Room 108

Trip to Police Station   Summer Math Classes 



Mrs. Carol Daigler      Ch. 14 Math Guide     Third Grade Teacher      Room 103

Field Trip to Bascilica 

Miss Alyssa Reynolds              Third Grade Teacher        Room 105

Field Trip to Bascilica 

Mrs. Brenda Gengo         Library Helper Club       Fourth Grade Teacher              Room 109



Miss Emily Honsberger   Library Helper Club       Fourth Grade Teacher             Room 107


Miss Cindy Bryk                Library Helper Club       Fifth Grade Homeroom          Room 200

Latin America Project 

Mr. Richard LaCroix         Library Helper Club       Fifth Grade Homeroom          Room 202

Latin America Project 

Ms. Marge Quattrini          Sixth Grade Homeroom   Room 203

Create a Game Book      Game Book Rubric 

Religion Lesson Movie Letter     Grade 6 Volcano Project

Miss Ann Sutherland            Sixth Grade Homeroom   Room 204   Online Math

Create a Game Book       Game Book Rubric 

Religion Lesson Movie Letter   6th Grade Volcano Project

Mr. Daniel Behm                               Seventh Grade Homeroom     Room 205

Mrs. Celeste Watson                         Seventh Grade Homeroom     Room 209

Miss Chelsea Kerwin                         6-8 Grade Spanish/Religion    Room 206

Mr. Christopher Cummings             Eighth Grade Homeroom       Room 207

Mrs. Liz Burgio                                   Eighth Grade Homeroom         Room 208

Mrs. Brittany Rauscher                       Art Teacher

Mrs. Heather Siekierski                      Music Teacher

Mr. Derek Hoover                               Physical Education Teacher

Ms. Glory Fox                                      Multi-media Teacher

Miss Mary Ann Argen                         Lit-Support Teacher

Mrs. Lisa Watroba                              Lit-Support Teacher

Mrs. Anita Herr                                   Math-Support Teacher

Mrs. Kristin Ziemba                            Student Instruction-Support Teacher