Upcoming Events

January 8- Peter Pan grades PK, 3 & 8

January 9- Peter Pan grades 1, 4, 5 & 6

January 10- Peter Pan grades Kind. 2 & 7

January 12-14 Peter Pan @ St. Edmund's Campus

January 15- NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Day

January 19- Jr. High Classic's dance

January 24- Progress Reports Grades 1-8

January 25- New Family Open House 6-8 pm

January 28- Family Mass & Breakfast @ 11:00 mass

January 30- Science Rocks!  Science Museum Trip grades PK-3

January 31- Science Rocks!  Science Museum Trip grades 4-6

January 28-February 2- Catholic Schools Week




St. Christopher School Sports Philosophy

The athletic department at St. Christopher School recognizes the importance of participation in athletics as a means to providing a well-rounded educational experience for our students. A sound athletic program improves the quality of student life, promotes school spirit, and helps attract students to the school.

The primary focus of the athletic program is to have our students learn new skills and develop their talents in a fun, competitive atmosphere. We acknowledge the desire to provide opportunities for as many students as possible to participate, while at the same time recognize the need to limit the size of teams in the interest of safety and fairness in playing time. There is also recognition that many of our students will continue their athletic endeavors in high school, and we have a responsibility to prepare them for that higher level of competition. We will always teach and support an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and respect for our opponents.

Number of teams Available for Our Students

    4th Grade & Junior Varsity:  There will be a possibility of a 2nd team to satisfy demand as long as:

  • Qualified coaches are available to coach the teams
  • If more than one team is populated, they will be divided up by grade level.  Each team will then be put in a division or league, based on ability levels, which is appropriate and allows them to be both safe and competitive.

    1. Varisty:  1 Team per sport

    Team rosters are limited, (for purposes of safety and fairness in playing time), by sport as follows:

         Basketball - 12 max.

         Baseball - 13 max. 

         Softball - 13 max.

         Volleyball - 12 max.

    2. Tryouts:  At least 2 days of tryouts and all cuts will be made on the phone.

  • Tryout forms must be turned in by the date on the form.  There will be no tryout forms allowed after the deadline.
  • Will be opened to parents to watch if they choose (There will be no talking to coaches or children [including your own] during the tryout
  • 4th Grade will have no cuts
    • If the team is overpopulated, and a second coach cannot be secured, the players will rotate the games dressed.  This will be decided by administration and coaches before the season.
  • 5th/6thGrade there will be cuts, and any player cut can practice with the team to continue their development.
    • Practice players will not be allowed to dress for games


These guidelines for playing time are at the coaches' discretion based on players' commitment to their teams, behavior and effort in practices and games. The guidelines are also consistent with the school's policy to limit team sizes for the purpose of safety and fairness.

Playing Time

Overall, a student's playing time will be based on a student's commitment towards the team, behavior, and effort at practice and in games. All teams will always enter each game with the goal of winning, but the following parameters will apply:

4th Grade - All players get equal playing time, with the rare exceptions of the final minutes of playoff or championship games, if applicable.

Junior Varsity - Every effort will be made to provide playing time to each player in every game, although not necessarily equal time. Exceptions may be made for playoff, tournament, or championship games.

Varsity - There is recognition that the level of competition is often higher for Varsity sports, and playing time may not be available for all players in every game. However, coaches will make every reasonable effort to provide playing time for all players.

Coaches & Parents Meeting

Coaches will be obligated to hold a parent meeting before the start of that particular sports season. The purpose of the meeting will be to explain the policies and answer any questions parents may have. The meeting will also provide the opportunity for parents to sign the Diocesan Sports Code of Ethics, and review the St. Christopher Sports Participation Expectations.

   * If necessary, adjustments can be made by school administration and sports committee. 


  1.  Must turn in the tryout form/registration form by the deadline per sport
  2. An updated physical is on file with the school nurse
  3. Parent permission form and activity fee are turned in to coach or Mr. Hoover per sport
  4. Students must follow Diocesan Athletic Eligibility guidelines

We offer the following sports for the following grades:

Please note: If you register for swimming and soccer, you will be placed on a team and you will play. In other sports, there are possibilities for cuts.

Grade 8: Swimming, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball,
Track, Soccer, Golf, Ice Hockey.

Grade 7: Swimming, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball,
Track, Soccer, Golf, Ice Hockey.

Grade 6: Swimming, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball,
Track, Soccer, Golf, Ice Hockey.

Grade 5: Swimming, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball,
Soccer, Ice Hockey.

Grade 4: Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey.

Grade 3: Swimming, Soccer

Grade 2: Swimming, Soccer

Grade 1: Swimming, Soccer

Kindergarten: Swimming