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A Look Back In Time

by admin
Wed, Jan 18th 2017 09:00 am

When local student Meghan Hammond was assigned a 4th grade Social Studies project requiring the construction of a model of a historic building in New York State, she came to Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village. Here she toured Williamsville Schoolhouse, as well as reviewed our research files on its history. When asked why she chose Williamsville Schoolhouse, Meghan explained it was because she wanted to bring the past to her fellow students. Meghan said, "I thought it would be interesting if my classmates knew what school was like when our grandparents were kids."


Below you will find a transcript of our interview with Meghan regarding her admirable work. To get a better view of this wonderful model, please drop by Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village. Meghan's work will be on display through the beginning of the year.


Why did you choose the Williamsville Schoolhouse as the subject of your project?

"Because I'm a student, and I thought that it would be interesting if my classmates knew what school was like when our grandparents were kids."


What materials did you use to complete your project?

"Cardboard, paper, paint, plywood, sculpt-a-mold, artificial landscaping, Christmas village people, miniaturized photos from my visit to the schoolhouse, research information from the museum's library."


What is your favorite part of the model?

"The lift-off roof because you can see the details inside."


What was the most interesting thing you learned about Williamsville Schoolhouse during your research? And why was it interesting to you?

"That it was moved from its original location and restored, because now people have the opportunity to see it in its restored state."


Thank you, Meghan, for choosing our very own Williamsville Schoolhouse!