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Diocesan Track Meet

by admin
Wed, May 20th 2015 11:55 am

On Tuesday, May 19th, St. Christopher School was represented at the Diocesan Track Meet by about 30 students and advisors.  Our school placed 3rd overall - Congratulations!!

The students who participated are as follows:

4th Grade:   Grace Riester, Brady Hathaway and Ryan Smith

5th Grade:   Jackson Guinther, Shae O'Rourke, Ava Curry, TJ Venti and Meghan Finney

6th Grade:   Evelyn Grapes, Anthony Paglino, John Krollman, Callie DiVito and Lydia Konopczynski.

7th Grade:   Madison Hammar, Elena DePaolo, Emily Anastasi, Abbey Ross, Gianna Fazzolari, Jessica Kuhn, Sammy Harig, Corey Westfall, Joe Mancuso, Marco Passalacqua, Eamon O'Brien, Paul Colosimo, Matt Yeager and Peter Xenopoulos.

There were some individual winners as well.

In 1st Place       Elena DePaolo - 14 U 80 yard dash

                           Gianna Fazzolari - 14 U Softball Throw

2nd Place          Anthony Paglino - 11 U 80 yard dash

                          Abbey Ross - 13 U Softball Throw

3rd Place          Matt Yeager - 13 U 80 yard dash

                          TJ Venti, Brady Hathaway, Ryan Smith, Jackson Guinther-   Boys 10 U Relay

                           Elena DePaolo, Abbey Ross, Gianna Fazzolari, Emily Anastasi - Girls 14 U Relay

4th Place          Marco Passalacqua - 12 U 80 yard dash

                          Emily Anastasi - 15 U 80 yard dash

                           Ava Curry, Grace Riester, Meghan Finney, Shae O'Rourke - Girls 10 U relay

5th Place          Madison Hammar - 13 U 80 yard dash

                          Eamon O'Brien - 14 U 80 yard dash

                           Paul Colosimo - 15 U 80 yard dash

                           Ava Curry - 11 U 80 yard dash

6th Place          Ava Curry - 11 U 80 yard dash

Way to go St. Christopher Track Team.  You make us proud!!