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June 2nd 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Run for Funds?

Run for Funds is a fundraiser where students have the opportunity to get some exercise and have some fun walking, jogging, or running with their classmates in the fresh air while helping to raise money for our school.

How does the Run for Funds raise money for St. Christopher School?

In the weeks leading up to the event, all students are encouraged to ask their friends and family to sponsor them for their participation in the 2017 Run for Funds. Sponsors are asked to donate a flat-fee only. (We will not be collecting by laps or distance).

Our Goal

Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 which is a BIG number, but by working together we can achieve anything!

How do students collect and turn in donations?

Option 1: You and your child/children can complete the sponsor request forms with addresses of relatives and friends, return the request forms to school, and we will mail them to the prospective sponsors. Or you can simply hand out sponsor request forms to your family/friends when you see them.

Families can use either option, or a combination of both. We encourage every family to try and reach as many friends and family members as possible. We are sending 10 per student or 25 per family sponsor letters - which we know is a lot, but the more people we reach out to, the more money we raise for our school...it's that simple!

Will the names and addresses I give you be used for other purposes?

No. We will not use them for anything other than Run for Funds.


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